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Tip — Be careful what you put into your signature if your local mail file is set to pull down partial documents

Lotus Notes and DominoPosted by Martin Tue, February 17, 2009 13:59:57

If you are using a local HTML file for your signature, Notes 8.5 has a new feature where it will store the signature inside of your mail file. This is a great new feature. I cheered when Notes 8.5 informed me of what it was about to do. Running Notes on a Mac and on Windows, maintaining an HTML signature file was quite a pain — you can never have the same path to the file.

Last week I decided to enhance my signature with a graphic, courtesy of John Head, announcing PSC’s win of the 2009 IBM Lotus award. It took me a while to put the 2 and 2 together, but suddenly, when working with my local replica copy, I couldn’t reply or create any new emails. Everything would come back with an error ‘Document command is not available’. Finally I remembered that my replication settings for mail are configured to receive partial documents from server. Apparently, adding that graphic to my signature made my Mail Preferences document larger than 40K. The signature in the preferences of my local file ended up being truncated and that broke things.

So if you are pulling down partial documents in your mail file, be careful what you put into your signature.