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Tip - Quickly get to a folder in Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes and DominoPosted by Martin Tue, February 17, 2009 13:58:08

After all this years of using Lotus Notes as my mail client, I have finally discovered that the View/Folders pane supports type-ahead.

All you need to do, click on a view or a folder to select it. You have to make sure that focus stays in the View/Folders pane. If you’re already inside of your Inbox, click on the Inbox again. Then just start typing the name of the folder you’re looking for. The highlight will be automatically positioned to the first matching folder. Thank you, UI designers for adding this feature.

I don’t know what versions it is applicable to. Works for me on 8.5. What a great feature. If you’re like me and have folders nested several levels deep, it is much easier to just type the name as opposed to clicking through all the plus sign icons to expand parent folders.

Gotcha: the behavior of the View/Folders pane gets a bit funny when you’re drilling down into folders nested 3 or more levels deep. In my case, the pane just goes all grey and take a while to come back. Could be a built-in limitation or a quirk of a Mac.