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IBM® CommonStore for Lotus Domino Server

Lotus Notes and DominoPosted by Martin Tue, February 17, 2009 13:43:33

IBM® CommonStore for Lotus Domino Server manages e-mail archiving and retrieval for any Notes database or server platform.

Authorized users, such as compliance staff, can perform cross-mailbox search and place e-mail on hold in support of retention requirements, e-discovery and audit.

- Provides the ability to integrate e-mail content with other contextually similar
documents, such as contracts, through a policy-driven archive
- Facilitates retention, archiving, holding and disposal of e-mail and attachments
- Includes full-text indexing of e-mail so it is easily searched for and discovered
- Helps you achieve compliance with regulatory, government and industry
- Trims the size of the Lotus® Notes® database to improve the performance and
operations of e-mail systems
- Decreases storage costs
- Provides unlimited mailbox management for users

Lotus® Domino® grows more successful and Notes® administrators find volumes soaring due to:

- More users
- the growing volume per user,
- the nature of e-mail to contain richer and more complex content; and
business and legal requirements to retain important information for future access
- Some stem the growth by deleting mail past an arbitrary age; strictly limiting the
storage size per user; limiting the size of attachments; or utilizing individual
archives. These measures also limit the ability of key users to quickly access
critical documents that might be days, weeks, months or even several years old.

IBM CommonStore for Lotus Domino keeps the Notes system from growing unmanageable with a centralized and secure electronic archive.

Users find it easy to retrieve archived attachments and documents fast and automatically on whatever media they are currently stored.

CommonStore for Lotus Domino offers many system benefits:

- Better performance - Moving old inactive documents to an external archive trims
the size of your Notes databases and improves the performance of Domino

- Simpler system maintenance - Smaller databases and faster runs

- Higher user productivity and effectiveness - Notes documents can be archived
and retrieved within seconds and are immediately available even after several

- Greater document security - Storing documents in a secure central electronic
archive protects against unauthorized access and manipulation.

- HTTPS support prevents unauthorized access to critical data.
CommonStore Web browser security prevents storing Web viewed content in

- More affordable storage - Optical jukeboxes and tape libraries hold billions of
documents on a single device, reducing the investment in hard disks, processors,
and server boxes for your Notes domain

Operating systems supported: AIX, Windows